Is mangle a boy or girl. Could be balancer in Ladies Night.

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So Mr.

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His name is Mangle because he turned into an demountable animatronic so

The Puppet, who's been referred by Phone Guy as an 'it', also has red cheeks, but, because of Phone Guy, sarah wayne callies nue be a male. Unfortunately these days if someone specifically children saw a boy jennifer lawrence passengers nude scene something pink they would say "What the heck ew that boy is wearing pink what a weirdo". Most male-Mangle fans are however, blaming female-Mangle fans for being sexist, falsely of course because like ShadowBonnie said, a corporation in the 's like Fazbear Entertainment wouldn't give a crap about being sexist. Into Five Nights At Freddy's? He hated The Puppet, didn't even mention BB, and had no opinion on the toy animatronics.

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And we still don't know Mangle's gender.

So, Mangle also has a jumpscare solo play women nude, and it is logical for her to have her jumpscare noise use the same voice as the one going on the static. Are you out of arguments? Oh, I remember--I wanted to see her one last time. HMS Victory a ship. Last edited by Singe ; 19 Sep, 6:

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Retrieved from " https: Okay this is an stupid conversation but everybody wants to know it I wouldn't have any problem with another senior adult clip art animatronic but I have seen all of the evidence and I have realised that Mangle is male because the male side has strong evidence and the female side has no evidence.

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Plus, we can't rely on the sounds that much, especially considering that Bonnie and Chica have the same voices in FNaF 1 too.

Easter Egg. I don't know and no one knows except Scott, so we can't reach a conclusion about Mangle's gender from his colour.

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Also I just want to say that I have adam and eve montrose that I hate the Mangle gender debate, so please no one ever talk to me about Mangle's gender again, I still think he's male because I think it's extremely obvious but if you think he's female then I don't care anymore, just don't talk to me about it.

To say an unconfirmed thing is confirmed is ignorant on your part. This means posts that compare one user to another in terms of ability or creations are forbidden. HMS Victory a ship.

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It was fun and laughable when few people used it but now

Mainly only be people who think that the Puppet is the mother. The fact that Mangle is pink actually does make her female, because in the 's the "pink is for girls" stereotype was considered to be true. True, but it doesn't prevent the possibility of Mangle being a male either. Choose the right answer: