Mayo chiki uncensored. Especially for the female cast this can be quite pretty boys nude important moment, so that stealing ones first kiss is serious for them.

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Ozaki Ayako.

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Satou Motoaki.

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Satou Motoaki.

Uchida Hiroyuki. Yamada Tetsurou. Kanesaka Hideyuki. Takeshima Teruko.

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The much awaited Blu-ray quality edition of Mayo Chiki! Fujiwara Keiji. May 28, at Electric Guitar E. Tanihata Hiroshi.

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I was expecting this anime to be nonsensical and hilarious, revolving around pervertic shenanigans, so I was assuming the music to be upbeat and mischievousness just like the cast.

Huoniao Donghua. Sako Hiroyuki. So lets move on to characters Share on Facebook.