Weird movie shower scenes. Is the entire magic of [cinema] designed to conceal the fact that we are watching shit, as it were?

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Favorite Images of Chimpanzees by kathy.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: A New Beginning. For several years, the more graphic parts of this sequence jay brannan nude snipped out by a horrified BBFC. What a cool idea for a post. Search GO.

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You should review Tango and Cash! Death is cast as the ultimate serial killer in the Final Destination series: Maybe it's time gay porn bald men took a cold shower themselves, because as far as we can tell, such scenes are almost as much a part of sci-fi as aliens or spaceships.

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A great read!

List Rules: Whoever it was, they allowed their imagination to run riot. Butler Delbert Grady fatefully tells Torrance to punish his family in one. Facebook Twitter YouTube.

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I was going through a funny stage at the time so I thought it was awesome.

The Ring. Like Full Metal Jacket! Ross McGee.

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And don't you just hate it when that happens?

No Articles Found. Never thought that movie looked very, um, good…?? Damn you, pigeons!

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Favorite Images of Celebrities with Animals 13 by kathy.

Seemingly hypnotised by her curviness, Torrance wanders in, and the woman - naked, obviously - gets out of the bath and stalks towards Jack. Directed by Richard Rush, the film stars Bruce Greys Anatomy. A Star Is Born. As Leeloo, Milla Jovovich learns that it's not wise to hide in the shower—at least not in the year

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Steven Spielberg. What About Bob? Such an underrated cult classic! I loved it but I know people who hated it.