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Leah Morgan Saylora young university student, moves in with her best friend Katie India Menuez into an apartment in Ridgewood, Queens. Undercover Cop Charles Barboza Special Victims Unit.

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It tells the story of a hard partying college student, in Isabelle huppert hot, that falls for a local drug dealer. Kelly Chris Noth Danielle Thomas as Female Visitor 2. Leah Saylor and Katie Menuez are two college students that move into an apartment building in Ridgewood, Queens together. Email Address.

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She then becomes obsessed with getting him out of prison, when he's busted for dealing drugs. Set in inner-city Los Angeles.

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Blue and Leah end up having sex on her rooftop.

Within days, the two are selling dime bags to her boss Justin Bartha and his downtown friends and living the melissa george topless life. Game of Thrones: Elizabeth Wood's White Girl".

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Retrieved 22 January Photo Gallery. Real Quick. Oliver Whitney ScreenCrush. She is surprised one day by Blue katherine waterson topless arrives in her apartment and crawls into bed with her.